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What’s in your mind? This is the best and most powerful coaching question ever. The aim of the coaching is to help a person in the way of finding itself and fulfillment. In the close cooperation between the coach and coachee, we analyze the situation, talk through the alternatives, help to find your way and go in the direction you want to go. With the raising awareness you will see your choices and take decision and action which lead to change in business or private lives. We’ll work in the safe and confidential environment to achieve the goals.

We are creative and resourceful and I believe we want to achieve best results in our personal and professional lives. Yes, we are curious, but there are boundaries facing us in the way of fulfillment and we don’t dare to take next step. Let’s unlock the potential and look for the future together.

Coaching supports a person at every level in becoming who they want to be.

Meelis Luht
Executive coach, ICF

Rohkem kui tuhande neljasaja töötaja, üle viiekümne brändi ja pea kahekümne ettevõttega rahvusvahelise kontserni Eesti Meedia juhatuse liikme ja Tartu Ülikooli kantslerina töötamisest võtsin coachi teele kaasa keerukate süsteemide ja äri- ning juhtimismudelite tundmise. Praegu töötan täiskohaga Tartu linna rahandusosakonna juhina. Eelkõige õppisin meedias töötades, kuidas käia ümber tundliku informatsiooniga, ja täielik konfidentsiaalsus on coachi töö ja eetika nurgakivi. Tean, kuidas töötab rahvusvaheliste kontsernide personalijuhtimine ning organisatsioonide arengu planeerimine. Kõik see kokku aitab mul mõista executive coachingu tellijate ja klientide ees seisvaid olukordi ning minu kui coachi jaoks võimalike väljakutsetega paremini toime tulla.

How does coaching help?

I believe in people and during our coaching sessions the people will start believing in themselves. I believe in human beings’ intelligence and every so often the answers are hidden within us. Think of it like this – for whatever reason our thoughts are locked in a room with the keys and even the door nowhere to be found. As a Coach I point people to look in the right direction to find the keys to the lock that opens the door to the whole wide world. I will be your thinking partner guiding you by listening and asking the right questions, which enable you to put your thoughts into words, see the situation from a different angle and find the optimal outcome. Through conversation we can identify and overcome our fears, hesitations and bottlenecks, that have been in the way of your goals and dreams. And after you have discovered these areas, you can start to think and find new solutions, set new goals and start to move towards them.

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